sui generis

Today there are more than 7 billion people inhabiting the Earth. Every second 4,17 new births take place compared to 1,8 deaths. That is 2,37 net growth of world population per second. 142,2 per minute, 8'532 per hour, 204'768 per day, 6'143'040 per calendar month and 74'740'320 per year. You and I are one of them and each one of us is like a single grain in a huge sandbox.

„SUI GENERIS” is a photographic manifestation of diversity and exceptionality of human beings. The work consists of conceptual portraits of random people from all over the world. These photographs do not reference them directly, instead, they operate as a metaphor for which single grain of sand is a tenor ascribed with attribute of uniqueness of the person. Just as sand seen from the distance seems homogeneous, lacking any extraordinary features, when observed from close distance, reveal ravishing world of uniqueness. Each grain of sand is inimitable and so is every person in the world.

This is an on going project and if you are interested in participating, please contact the artist through facebook page at: or email address: